10 Best Places to take Cute Pictures in Charlotte, NC

Have you ever been to Charlotte, North Carolina? Do you live in the area or close by? If you answered yes to either of these, you know how beautiful the city is and how many Instagrammable spots there are. I’ve compiled a list of 10 great places to take photos around the city! Grab your phone and your friends and see all the beautiful places Charlotte has to offer!

The Queen City is full of murals and art installations that will fill your camera load with fantastic selfies and photoshoots.

  1. The Confetti Hearts Wall

You haven’t been to Charlotte unless you’ve seen the confetti hearts wall. You can find the wall near Jeni’s South End, and local artist-entrepreneur Evelyn Henson created it. This location is so cute and will be perfect for your summertime pictures. The Confetti Hearts Wall is at 1930 Camden Road.

  1. The Confetti Stripes Wall

Anyone can find this lovely backdrop at NoDa Jeni’s Ice Creams at 424 E 36th Street. This art installation uses colors and a striped pattern to serve as a bright backdrop. You will feel the joy radiating from your photos. Check it out!

  1. City Lights Rooftop 

Charlotte has a beautiful skyline that will make the perfect backdrop for all of your photo needs. Take the pictures during Golden Hour, and you will look amazing! This venue is also known as one of the best rooftop bars in the city, so you grab something to drink while you’re there too. Check it out at Le Meridien, 555 S McDowell Street.

  1. Under the Crown at Queen Park Social

Queen Park Social is Charlotte’s South End Social Club. This building is the perfect place to gather with friends, eat, drink, and have a good time. The other best part about it? They have an LED crown that you can take pictures under! This backdrop is perfect for your following Instagram picture. Be sure to visit at 4125 Yancey Road.

  1. Optimist Hall

Optimist Hall is situated at 115 North Brevard Street and is the city’s first official food hall! Now, the venue doubles as every photographer’s dream. Optimist Hall offers sitting areas with greenery and outdoor patios that will look great in all your pictures. There is also a large mural by the bathrooms! There are so many restaurants and bars hidden inside. 

  1. Merchant & Trade

Merchant & Trade is another rooftop bar with a fantastic view of the city, especially the nightlife. In the summertime, you’ll be able to see the fireworks going off after the baseball games. That would make such an excellent picture! You can find this venue at 303 S. Church Street.

  1. La Belle Helene 

La Belle Helene is a brasserie with French food, beer, and wine in an adorable bar. Rumor has it that they serve a fabulous brunch. Dress up with your friends, have brunch, and take cute summertime pictures here! Their bathroom is also known for having an awesome Instagram backdrop.

  1.  SC Sunflower Field at Draper Wildlife Management Area

If you’re looking for a great outdoor area to take pictures, this is the one. This sunflower field looks like it extends on forever and will make a fantastic backdrop for your photographs. The sunflowers are bright and blooming, especially in the summertime. You will have all of your friends jealous and wanting to know where you were! Visit these sunflowers just outside of Charlotte at McConnells, SC.  

  1. Bossy Mural

The Bossy Mural is the best place for sassy solo shots! Bring all your girlfriends here and take lots of pictures that showcase your fun personalities. This background is a beautifully painted mural painted at 2200 Freedom Drive. These photos will make a bold statement on your social media accounts, and everyone will love them.

  1. Midtown Park

Midtown Park, located at 510 S Kings Drive, is a beautiful park perfect for your outdoor and nature pictures. This park has stonework, shade trees, and a rectangular lawn that hosts many weddings, art performances, and other public events.

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Author: Payton H.