You might believe that maxi skirts are hard to make stylish, and that is not entirely untrue, but only if you do not know the numerous ways to wear a maxi skirt. No matter your struggle, this guide to styling your maxi skirts will escort you to the stylish land of wearing long skirts whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Go With A Sheer Look

A little bit of sheer paneling in your maxi skirts will draw attention to your legs while still touching your ankles. The great thing about this look is that it will be challenging for the wind to blow your skirt up because it is long, consistently a concern with a flowy mini skirt! A sheer maxi skirt is the perfect modest look that is also a little edgy because of the thin material.

  1. Black Will Always Be Appropriate

If you are new to the world of maxi skirts, you can not go wrong with a black maxi skirt. Both are very fashionable and can be worn in many different ways, no matter the event or occasion. Not only do they look lovely with casual summer outfits, but they can also work for evening ensembles and winter looks. To rock a black maxi in winter, pair it with a white, high-neck long sleeve top. Then, finish off your outfit with black boots and a blazer.

  1. Experiment With Color And Texture, Or Just Incorporate Leather

A cropped leather jacket and bright white tennis shoes will be the quintessential complement to a plaid maxi skirt. A moto-style jacket gives some edge to the generally understated and approachable plaid pattern, and your favorite pair of sneakers will keep you looking city slick and prepared to walk for hours. You can try this same idea as well, but with different textures! Do not forget: a classic leather jacket will toughen up the unrestricted feminineness of a long skirt no matter what, which makes wearing a leather jacket one of the best ways to style a maxi skirt.

  1. Stick To An Achromatic Maxi Skirt

For a girly and playful look, a white maxi skirt is a great option. As a result of its crisp color, a white maxi is very gentle and airy, making it ideal for relaxed looks throughout the warmer months. Styles in fabrics such as cotton, linen, and crochet are especially ideal. Also, you can consider designs with embroidery or an understated pattern if you wish to add a bit of color. Once you have chosen your design, match it with a white or light top to keep your general aesthetic bright. When it comes to shoes, you can either put on sandals for a beachy feel or boots for a western effect.

  1. Choose An Unexpected Look

As an alternative to the very comfortable, seen on anybody who ever lived jersey maxi skirt, go for an unexpected material, color, and/or pattern for your maxi skirt. Frumpy is, to an extent, an insight linked to old, dull, and worn too much, which signifies that current, exciting, and not worn enough will take your look from frumpy to stylish. So please do me a favor and wear that neon green denim skirt with the tattered fringe and take your look to the next level!

  1. Go For A Classic Floral Skirt

A floral maxi skirt is a classic item of clothing that consistently looks stylish. The design is particularly perfect for attaining a beautiful free-spirit look. To put this outfit together, pick out a loose maxi with a light-colored floral print. Also, it is crucial to be aware of how the flowers look. Small and intricate florals are ideal for a boho outfit, while big and daring florals work best for more modern outfits. Once you have your skirt, pair it with cute and comfortable things, such as a camisole top and flat sandals, and put on accessories such as beaded necklaces and bracelets.

  1. Casual With Heels

One of the timeless ways to style a maxi skirt is with strappy heels, taking a look from snoozeville to chicville. Also, if you add a basic blouse to the outfit, it would go a long way. If you want to stretch the comfort zone of this ensemble a little bit further by partnering it with an edgy, tattered, darker denim and possibly a bright clutch, knock yourself out! Anything is possible with a basic formula like this one.

  1. High-Waisted Maxi Skirts

If you are searching to make your legs look longer, a high-waisted maxi skirt is a great choice. Although, when wearing one, it is crucial to balance your top half with something very little. To do so, try picking out a crop top or bralette. You could pick a typical style and either wear it tucked into your skirt or tied up in a knot as another option. Also, as high-waisted maxis make a statement, particularly those in bold patterns or colors, you should choose a top in either a matching or neutral tone.

  1. Show Some Leg

Another definition of frumpy could be that you are unable to see any of your body. Selecting a fitted maxi in a sleek color as black helps draw attention to your curves even when your skirt touches the ground—just wearing a skirt that shows some leg ups the ante and makes the look a lot more fun and interesting!

  1. Turn Heads With A Pleated Maxi Skirt

Thanks to their striking designs, pleated maxi skirts are ideal for making a splash. As such, they are an excellent option for special occasions. For a modern and timeless look, think about picking a design in thick fabric with wide pleats. For a more contemporary look, go for a plisse style in a fluid material. Either way, make sure to pair your skirt with heels to keep your outfit from looking too bottom-heavy.

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Author: Cristen M.