Dressing modestly means something different to everyone. Whether it’s covering up for yourself or religious reasons, dressing modestly is a choice made by tons of women. However, choosing to dress this way doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice stylish and trendy clothes. There are many ways to stick to guidelines while being chic and stylish. Here are some tips and tricks to dress modestly but cute.

10 Tips + Tricks to Dressing Modestly But Cute 

  1. Find Staple Pieces. We all have those pieces in our closets that pair with a lot of our outfits. Finding staples pieces that you love will elevate your style. It’s also cost-effective (what’s better than one outfit? Three.) Staple pieces allow you to have multiple outfits!
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Patterns. We get it. Patterns can be tricky, especially when we’re mixing and matching them. Don’t let that scare you away from trying out different patterns. You never know. Maybe that cheetah print button-up would totally go with that pair of pants in your closet.  
  3. Have Fun With Layers. Learning how to layer outfits can be a fun fashion project. You can take different pieces, wear them together, and create a whole new look. Not only are layers fashionable, but they’re also modest. (P.s. We understand layering in the summer isn’t ideal, so maybe stick to the colder months for this one.) 
  4. Add A Cool Jacket. Jackets add flare to any outfit. They’re the perfect amount of comfy and cute. Add your favorite coat to create a stylish yet ‘covered’ look.  
  5. Play With Sleeves. Long, short, cuffed, quarter and puffed are all examples of sleeves. Sleeves can complement your arms and add flare to your whole look. Outside the standard sleeve lengths, there are so many you can choose. Have fun exploring them!
  6. Dress to the ‘Maxi-e’. Maxi dresses are always in style. They’re long, flowy, and super comfortable. Whether it’s a spring or summer day, maxi dresses offer coverage while staying trendy with a wide range of colors. 
  7. Find Cute Midi-Skirts. If you’re trying to switch up from dresses, midi skirts are perfect for you. Similar to maxi dresses, they offer length, comfort, and a range of colors. Midi skirts are appropriate for tons of occasions and can allow you to dress up or down. 
  8. Take Note Of Seasonal Colors. One way to stay in style is to rock the seasonal colors. Spring, summer, fall, and winter all have different color palettes. Taking note of the popular colors and adding them to your wardrobe will leave you trendy and prepared for the season.
  9. Take Note Of Trends. A big misconception of dressing modestly is sacrificing the season’s trends. Luckily that’s far from true! Consider taking a look at the popular fashion trends and tailor them to fit your modesty guidelines. It becomes a fun way to create new outfits.
  10. Accessorize. Accessories can elevate any outfit. They’re fun, versatile, and eye-catching. Adding a statement necklace or your favorite sunglasses to your outfit can make you look 10x better.  

Where Do I Find These Clothes?

Now that we established some tips and tricks, let’s talk about finding fashionable yet modest clothing. One place in particular is Shop Unrivaled. Shop Unrivaled is a faith-based boutique where you can find beautiful, hand-picked pieces that attribute to your radiant beauty from the inside out. Their clothes are super trendy and we’re sure you’ll find a piece that you love. 

Cute and Modest Shop Unrivaled Pieces 

Shop Unrivaled is filled with fashionable clothes, but here are a few pieces that capture that cute and modest essence. 

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Dressing modestly is a choice made by a lot of women. Although choices may seem limited,  there are still a lot of options. We hope our tips and tricks can help you scope out some great pieces. If you’re looking for a shop in particular, we recommend Shop Unrivaled. With new arrivals on Mondays and Wednesdays, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Make sure to follow Shop Unrivaled on Instagram for updates and great content! 


Author: Kayla T.