We all love a good tie-dye shirt, but when did it go from an arts & crafts activity to a staple in mainstream fashion? It seems that in the last decade, we have seen an explosion of tie-dye in popular fashion outlets and clothing retailers. From hippie to celebrity, the journey of tie-dye is one to follow.

It seems to be quite a mysterious trend. Children do it at summer camp, Justin Beiber wears it on stage. In this blog, we will check out some of the histories behind tie-dye, who's wearing it, and why it's here to stay.


Tie-Dye is undeniably awesome, but where did it come from? It turns out it's been around a lot longer than is commonly thought. 

The term "tie-dye" comes from the '60s were the most popular method for creating these tie-dye patterns. In this country, the peace movement gets the credit for popularizing the pattern. For them, that design symbolized something bigger and granted a sense of community. 

The connection between tie-dye fashion and the hippie culture of the '60s is obvious enough, but where did it come from? It turns out that the origins of tie-dye are thousands of years old. Some textile historians have dated these dyed artworks back to the 5th or 6th century AD. Here you were hoping that joggers would die as a trend; let's hope they don't stay in style for thousands of years as tie-dye did! 

Historians seem to agree that although there is evidence of tie-dye in every major region of the world from Peru to Egypt to Asia, it seems to have developed independently in each area. This means that the vibes were too irresistible, and people figured out that dyeing clothes like this made for some great results. 

It should come as no surprise that a style piece that has been serving looks for thousands of years is still in our closets today. 

Who's wearing it?

It seems like these days; it would be easier to find out who isn't wearing tie-dye. If you can think of a celebrity, the chance that they were spotted wearing this awesome design is close to 100%. The Hollywood elites, the music icons, and all sorts of influential people are constantly rocking the rainbow. Here is a list of some of the more prominent names spotted in tie-dye this year. 

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Taylor Swift 
  • Jordyn Woods
  • Rhianna 
  • Emma Roberts 

Trying to list all the icons who rock tie-dye is a futile effort. The point here is, tie-dye is IN, and all the stylists know it. 

The tie-dye movement in these upper circles comes with a sense of social movement behind it. The country (fashionably speaking) is becoming more open and interested in exploring. Along with this sense of discovery comes bringing back some old classics. 

Which fashion trend would be more ready for a comeback than tie-dye? Everyone has been obsessed with 70's throwbacks on social media, and I guess when they were doing that digging, they found something else they liked. 

Why It's Here To Stay

As was mentioned earlier, tie-dye as a method of decorating clothing has been around for thousands of years. What would make us think that we would be the generation to drop tie-dye? People used this design for everything from sacred clothing in some parts of the world to waving the flag of a counter-culture movement in the US.

The best part about the design is its lack of boundaries. The swirls follow their path, and there is no outline around the colors. This design allows for tie-dye to be used on any piece of clothing or in any color set. What other design has that kind of flexibility? Short answer, none. One could wear a bandana one day, a shirt another day, a sweatshirt the day after that. You could wear tie-dye in so many ways it'll make your head spin. 


Tie-dye has a long and extensive history dated back thousands of years from today. The reason it has made it this long is because of its universal appeal. Cultures all around the world participate in the dyeing of their clothes. It is hard to find fashion that extends across the globe; culture seems to appreciate development from within. However, tie-dye developed independently within these separated cultures so its presence can be seen and felt anywhere. 

An issue with clothes you love is that sometimes you don't feel the same about them after a while. However, since tie-dye will never die, getting some in your closet is an excellent investment for the future of you. 

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Author: Chase F.